125 Fun Rhymes About Food: Tasty Rhymes For Kids & Adults (2024)

Do you love food? I sure do! And I bet you love rhymes too. So why not combine the two and have some fun? In this blog post, you’ll find 125 delicious rhymes all about food. From apples to zucchini, there’s something for everyone. So grab a snack and get ready to rhyme!

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Five Rhymes about Fruits

1. Apples and oranges,

Oranges and apples,

We can trade our rhymes,

But we can’t trade places!

2. Lemons are sour,

But they make such a sweet treat!

I can’t get enough of that citrusy flavor,

Yum yum in my tum!

3. Grapes hanging in bunches,

On the vine they do swing,

Come and pick some with me,

And we’ll make raisins!

4. Peaches so plump and juicy,

apricots so ripe and sweet,

I can’t wait to eat them all up,

Yum yum, they’re such a treat!

5. Watermelons so big and round,

Sitting in the sun,

Come and get one while they’re ripe,

Or you’ll be sorry you missed out on all the fun!

Five Rhymes about Vegetables

1. Old McDonald had a farm, e-i-e-i-o,

And on that farm he had some vegetables, e-i-e-i-o.

With a carrot here and a turnip there,

Here a beet, there a cabbage,

Old McDonald had a farm, e-i-e-i-o.

2. I ate some pie,

I ate some bread,

I ate a carrot

That was red.

I ate a turnip

That was green,

Then I went to bed

With my full stomach.

3. A cabbage is not a small thing,

In fact, it’s rather large.

It takes up space in the fridge

And it’s not very nice to smell.

But if you cook it just right,

It can be quite a delight.

So don’t be afraid to give cabbage a try,

You might be surprised at how good it can be.

4. Beets are red and carrots are orange,

Cabbage is green and potatoes are brown.

But when they’re all cooked together,

They make a wonderful stew.

So don’t be afraid to try something new,

You might be surprised at how good it can be.

5. Peas and carrots, peas and carrots,

That’s what I like to eat.

I could eat them every day,

And never get tired of them.

They’re healthy and they’re nutritious,

And they taste really good.

So if you’re looking for a healthy snack,

Peas and carrots are the way to go.

Five Rhymes about Meats

1. “Bacon, bacon, sizzling hot.

Put it in a frying pan.

Sizzle, sizzle, watch it fry.

Yum, yum, bacon’s my favorite food!”

2. “Beef, beef, what a treat.

Grilling or stewing, it’s always nice to eat.

Burgers or bologna, either way is fine.

As long as there’s beef, I’m happy as can be!”

3. “Chicken, chicken, so good to eat.

Fried or baked, it’s always a treat.

Nuggets or wings, they’re both great.

Chicken is one of my favorite meats!”

4. “Pork, pork, the other white meat.

So versatile and always delicious to eat.

Bacon or ham, either way is fine.

Pork is one of my all-time favorite foods!”

5. “Turkey, turkey, so good to eat.

Roasted or grilled, it’s always a treat.

Sandwiches or salads, either way is great.

Turkey is one of my all-time favorite meats!”

Five Rhymes about Seafood

1. Fish, fish, swimming in the sea

Come and have a look at me

I have scales and fins and I’m cold

But I make a tasty meal for trolls

2. Shrimp, shrimp, little and pink

swimming in the water so bright

so many of you in one place

i’m sure you’ll all taste great

3. Crab, crab, walking on the sand

Looking for something to eat

You might think I’m kinda funny

But I’ll be tasty in your tummy

4. Lobster, lobster, big and red

You’ll be sorry if you step on my head

I might not look so tough

But I can give you a horrible pinch

5. Octopus, octopus, eight arms to hold you

I’ll squeeze you tight until you turn blue

You might think I’m a monster

But I’m really just a big softie

Five Rhymes about Dairy

1. Do you know the dairy fairy?

She leaves gifts in exchange for your hair!

If you want a new toy,

Just leave some hair on the floor.

The dairy fairy will come and make your wish come true!

2. I’m a little cow, short and stout.

Here is my udder, here is my spout.

When I give milk, it’s creamy and white.

I’m glad to do it, ’cause it’s my delight.

3. Dairy Queen, we all know your ice cream is mean.

Your Blizzards are so cold, they make our teeth hurt.

But we keep coming back for more and more!

4. Milk, milk, lemonade,

Around the corner fudge is made.

Cows in the pasture munching on grass,

We all scream, “Give us some milk!”

5. Oh, I love cheese so much,

I could eat it at every meal.

I’m not kidding, give me a hunk,

Or else I will start to squeal!

Five Rhymes about Grains

1. Oats, peas, beans, and barley grow.

Oats they make the mattress soft,

Peas are good for pottage and soup,

Beans belong in a musical group,

Barley is used to make beer and malt.

2. I sow, you reap, we win or lose –

The game of life is full of grain.

You can try to cheat, or you can play fair –

But in the end, we all must bow to fate.

3. If you want to be healthy and fit,

You need to eat your grains and wheat.

They give you energy and help you stay strong –

So make sure to include them in your diet!

4. Grains are the foundation of a good meal –

Without them, it would be quite lacking.

So if you want your dinner to be complete,

Make sure to add some rice or wheat!

5. There’s nothing quite so filling as a bowl of grain –

Especially when it’s covered in gravy!

So if you’re feeling hungry and need a little something to tide you over,

Reach for the rice or wheat and give it a try.

Five Rhymes about Nuts & Seeds

1. A peanut sat on a railroad track,

His heart was all a-flutter.

Round the curve came a freight train,

Toot! Toot! Peanut butter!

2. Oh, what can I do with my acorn?

I can’t plant it in the ground.

I can’t use it as a hammer,

And I can’t play with it like a toy.

I guess I’ll just sit here and mourn,

Oh, what can I do with my acorn?

3. Four little peanuts standing in a row,

One was roasted, one was raw.

One was roasted, one was raw,

And the other two had no idea what they were for.

4. Oh, I’m so sorry for my little nut,

He fell in love with a ratatouille.

He loved her so much that he forgot about me,

And now he’s living in a garbage can with fleas.

5. I’m a little pine nut, short and stout.

Here is my tap-tap-tap.

When I get all cracked up,

I make a yummy snack!

Five Rhymes about Beans & Legumes

1. Beans, beans the musical fruit

The more you eat, the more you toot

The more you toot, the better you feel

So eat your beans at every meal!

2. I ate some beans and felt sick

I think that I will die

Oh Mother dear, I wish I knew

The reason why, the reason why

3. I was going out to dinner

With my girlfriend and her beans

I said, “I don’t like beans.”

She said, “That’s too bad,

You’re not getting any dinner!”

4. A bean is a funny thing

It starts off as a seed

It grows into a plant

And then it’s time to eat

5. I planted some beans in my garden

I watered them everyday

Now I have a big bowl of beans

For dinner, lunch, and breakfast, yum!

Five Rhymes about Oils & Fats

1. Oil and fat are sooooo bad,

They’ll make you look like a radish.

Red and unhealthy is what you’ll be,

If you don’t stay away from them, we see.

2. You might think that oil is great,

But it’ll just make you look overweight.

So put down that bottle or can,

Or you’ll end up looking like a manatee.

3. All that grease will make you sick,

Just like it does to a chicken.

So if you want to stay healthy and fit,

Better watch out for oil and fat.

4. You might as well eat a rock,

If you’re going to consume that much fat.

Your health will pay the price,

With cholesterol levels through the roof.

5. Fats and oils are dangerous things,

They’ll clog up your arteries and make you sing.

So if you want to live a long life,

Better avoid them like the plague.

Five Rhymes about Spices & Herbs

1. Cinnamon, cardamom, and clove

Allspice, anise, and nutmeg too

These are the spices that I love

I use them all in everything I cook

2. Oregano, thyme, and sage

Rosemary and basil are great

Add some garlic for extra flavor

Then your dish will be savor

3. Allspice, clove, and cinnamon,

These are the spices that make up my potion.

A pinch of each will do,

Just watch as your spell comes true!

4. Nutmeg and ginger,

Creating a zesty flavor.

This is the perfect spice,

For when you need to entice.

5. Rosemary and sage,

The perfect herbs for any dish.

With their savory flavors,

They’re sure to make any meal better!

Five Rhymes about Sweeteners

1. Sugar, sugar, how you thrill me,

How you make my heart sing!

Sugar, sugar, life without you

Would be one long string.

2. Sweet as can be, that’s what you are to me,

Sugar-lump, sugar-lump,

I’d be very happy if you would stay

With me forever, sugar-lump.

3. When I wake up in the morning,

And the sun shines through the windowpane,

I know there’s nothing that can stop me,

Cause I got my sugar cane!

4. Oh, honey, honey, you are so sweet,

And your love is just like sugar;

I can’t get enough of you,

So please don’t ever leave me!

5. Sugar, oh sugar, how you melt my heart,

How you make my eyes light up!

I don’t know what I’d do without you,

Sugar, sugar, sweet, sweet sugar.

Five Rhymes about Snacks

1. I like peanut butter sandwiches,

they’re my favorite kind of snack.

I can eat them every day,

and never get sick of them!

2. Apples and oranges are such a great pair,

you can eat them anytime, anywhere.

They’re healthy and delicious,

the perfect snack for anyone!

3. Pretzels are my favorite salty snack,

I love to munch on them all day.

They’re the perfect size for snacking,

and they’re so easy to eat!

4. Potato chips are my go-to snack,

I always have a bag on hand.

They’re crunchy and salty,

and they satisfy my craving!

5. Popcorn is the best snack for movie night,

it’s perfect for sharing with friends.

It’s crispy and light,

and it’s so much fun to eat!

Five Rhymes about Coffee & Tea

1. Coffee, coffee, what a treat!

Tea, tea, it’s good for me!

2. I like my coffee black,

I like my tea with cream.

But I’ll drink them both the same,

With lots of sugar in!

3. Coffee is my wake-up call,

Tea is my relaxer.

But I can’t function at all

Without my caffeine fix!

4. Hot tea or iced coffee?

both are fine with me.

but give me lots of sugar,

and make it extra sweet!

5. A cup of coffee or tea,

whichever will do.

I’m not fussy, I just need

my caffeine fix!

Five Rhymes about Condiments & Sauces

1. Catsup, mustard, mayonnaise, and relish

All come from plants that we cherish.

2. Ketchup makes your fries taste great

But it will never be a first rate date.

3. A dab of ketchup on my shirt

Is really starting to hurt.

4. Once I found a nasty worm

Lurking in my ketchup jar.

5. Mayonnaise is not for me

I’d rather have some tea.

Five Rhymes about Desserts

1. Apple pie, apple pie,

What a good treat,

To have some every day!

2. Ice cream, ice cream,

So delicious and sweet,

I can eat it all day long!

3. Chocolate cake, chocolate cake,

With frosting so rich and thick,

I can’t resist a single bite!

4. Cheesecake, cheesecake,

So creamy and smooth,

I can’t get enough of it!

5. Fruitcake, fruitcake,

So full of delicious fruit,

I can’t help but love it!

Five Rhymes about Baby Food

1. Pureed peas, yucky to some

But I think they’re rather yummy

I could eat them day and night

But Mom says I need to take a bite

2. Once I started on solids

There was no turning back

I tried out all the different flavors

And now I’m a little foodie expert

3. I love my veggies pureed

But sometimes I like them whole

I’ll eat them up no matter what

My parents are so proud of me, they should just strut

4. Eating spinach makes me feel like Popeye

I’m so strong that I could climb a tree

I could lift up a car or two

All because I ate my veggies, ew!

5. I’m a little bit fussy

And I know just what I like

Give me some bananas please

With lots of mashed up rice

Five Rhymes about Pet Food

1. Pets need food that is nutritious,

That will keep them looking cute and fit!

So give them meals that are delicious,

And watch them run and play and jump!

2. A pet’s food should be healthy and filling,

To help them grow big and strong.

Pets need lots of energy and vitamins,

So their food must be nutritious and filling!

3. Pets love to eat their favorite foods,

But sometimes they need to try new things.

Expand your pet’s menu and watch them thrive,

As they enjoy new flavors and textures!

4. A pet’s diet is important for their health,

So be sure to feed them right.

Give them food that is nutritious and tasty,

To help them live a long and healthy life!

5. Feeding time is your pet’s favorite time,

So make sure their meal is complete.

Pets need plenty of protein and nutrients,

To keep them feeling happy and healthy!

Five Rhymes about Soup

1. Soup, soup, what can we do with soup?

We can drink it, we can eat it,

We can cook it, we can bake it,

But most of all we can share it!

2. Soup is yummy, soup is great,

It makes my tummy feel so nice!

I could eat it every day,

It’s my most favorite food!

3. Soup is hot, soup is cold,

Soup is everything in between!

You can cook it, you can eat it,

But most of all you can enjoy it!

4. Soup is good for you, soup is great,

It will make you feel so nice!

You can have it every day,

And it will always taste divine!

5. Soup is healthy, soup is wealth,

So let’s all have a big bowl!

It will make us feel so good,

And we’ll be happy and full!

Five Rhymes about Salad

1. Lettuce and tomatoes, cucumbers and onions

All mixed together with a dressing of your choice

That’s a salad, that’s a salad

Mmmmm, I can hear my tummy rumbling already

2. A salad is healthy, a salad is good

It gives you the nutrients that you need to thrive

It’s full of flavor, and crunch, and zest

Eating a salad is one of the smartest things you can do!

3. A salad a day, keeps the doctor away

So eat up your greens, and enjoy their crunch and snap

Packed full of vitamins, minerals, and fiber

A salad is the perfect way to get your daily dose!

4. When you’re feeling down, and you’re in a funk

Eating a salad is guaranteed to perk you up

The bright colors and fresh flavors will lift your spirits high

So go ahead and make yourself a salad today!

5. Salads are wonderful, salads are great

They’re the perfect food to help you lose weight

So if you’re looking to slim down, give them a try

You’ll be amazed at how much better you’ll feel,

and look, in just a few short weeks!

Five Rhymes about Side Dishes

1. A side dish of rice,

Is nice with lots of spice.

When served up hot and steaming,

It can make your meal more interesting!

2. A side dish of peas,

Can please even the fussiest eaters.

When cooked just right,

They make a perfect side.

3. A side dish of carrots,

Is great for those who are health-conscious.

They are packed with nutrients,

And make a filling side.

4. A side dish of potatoes,

Is loved by people of all ages.

They can be mashed, fried, or baked,

But always make a delicious side.

5. A side dish of corn,

Is a summertime favorite.

Sweet and juicy,

It’s the perfect side for any meal.

Five Rhymes about Baked Goods

1. Good, better, best—

Never let it rest

Til your good is better

And your better baked.

2. If you want to be a baker,

You must first know how to bake.

So get in the kitchen,

And don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

3. The best way to learn baking

Is by doing it yourself.

So get your hands dirty,

And have some fun!

4. The dough is rising,

The oven is hot.

Bake those cookies,

And make them look good!

5. When the timer goes off,

Take the baked goods out.

Let them cool down,

And enjoy your hard work!

Five Rhymes about Candy & Chocolate

1. Chocolate is my favorite kind of candy

I always have some in my hand

It’s delicious and sweet

And it melts in my mouth

2. I love candy, can’t get enough of it

Suck on a lollipop or chew on some gum

The taste of chocolate or the smell of vanilla

Makes my mouth water and my stomach rumble

3. I’m a chocoholic, I can’t get enough

I need it every day, it’s my fix

It takes over my body and my brain

And I can’t seem to get rid of the craving

4. Candy is good, but chocolate is better

There’s nothing quite like a Hershey’s Kiss

I’ll take a Snickers bar over a lollipop any day

Give me chocolate and I’ll be happy

5. Chocolate, chocolate, I love you so

You make me feel happy when I’m feeling low

You’re there for me when I need a friend

Chocolate, chocolate, I love you to the end!

Five Rhymes about Canned Goods

1. Canned goods are so great,

I canned some more today.

I canned some peas and carrots,

And a can of lima beans.

2. There once was a man from Nantucket,

Who ate nothing but canned goods.

He swore that he loved the taste,

But we all thought he was a dud.

3. I went to the store,

To buy some canned goods.

I saw a can of soup,

And I knew that I should.

4. Canned goods are so yummy,

I just can’t get enough.

I canned some corn and green beans,

And a can of pumpkin pie.

5. I love canned goods,

But I don’t like the can.

I’d rather have the food,

Without all that canned goods.

Five Rhymes about Frozen Foods

1. Frozen peas and carrots,

Frozen corn and beans.

Frozen pizza and chicken,

Yuck! I hate frozen greens!

2. I don’t like frozen food,

It’s always so bland.

I’d rather eat fresh food,

It just tastes so much better!

3. Frozen food is so yucky,

I don’t know why people eat it.

It’s like eating frozen sludge,

Ew! I just can’t stand it!

4. Frozen fish sticks and chicken nuggets,

Frozen french fries and tater tots.

If you want my opinion,

frozen food is just gross!

5. Frozen, frozen, yuck!

I don’t want to eat that stuff.

It’s cold and it’s slimy,

Plus it’s really tough.

frozen food is just not for me,

I’ll stick to fresh food instead!

Five Rhymes about Packaged Foods

1. Packaged food is such a bore,

I’d rather have it fresh from the store.

2. Yuck, packaged food, it looks so bland,

I’d rather have something from the land.

3. All this packaged food makes me sick,

I need something green to eat, quick!

4. I’m so tired of packaged food,

I think I’ll go and cook me some.

5. Packaged food is not for me,

I’d rather have something home-made and free.


Whether you’re a foodie looking for some fun new recipes to try or you just want to teach your kids about healthy eating, these 125 fun rhymes about food will have you singing and cooking in no time. We hope you enjoy them!

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125 Fun Rhymes About Food: Tasty Rhymes For Kids & Adults (2024)


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