Carrier Services | C.H. Robinson (2024)

Carrier Services | C.H. Robinson (27)

Be first in line for the freight you want—Digital Dispatch sends loads directly to you

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CARRIER SOLUTIONSFreight carrier solutions to drive your business

Find the right loads, make offers, book, and get paid with easy-to-use carrier tools that help you tackle everything your business requires.

Carrier Services | C.H. Robinson (28)

Carrier technology

Spend less time going back and forth on phone calls or email by instantly booking the loadsyou want or making offers in Navisphere®Carrier. Our end-to-end technology makes it easy to keep your business moving.

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Carrier Services | C.H. Robinson (29)

Carrier Advantage Program

The Carrier Advantage Program gives reliable carriers access to the most loads, best payment terms, and unbeatable service. It pays to boost your status.

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Carrier Services | C.H. Robinson (30)

Freight carrier payments

Get paid easier and faster than ever. With some of the best carrier payment terms in the logistics industry, plus additional options to help you expedite every payment, we do everything we can to improve the payment process for you.

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Carrier Services | C.H. Robinson (31)

Join our network of freight carriers

As a C.H. Robinson freight carrier, you’ll have access to more tools, resources, and loads than with any other provider in North America. We keep the registration process fast and easy, so you can get on the road quickly—with the loads and rates you like in less time

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Carrier Services | C.H. Robinson (32)

Find loads you'll love on our load board

Search the largest load board of any provider in North America for more freight options—anytime and anywhere. Save time and reduce empty miles with recommended loads that match your preferences and search history.

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What people are saying

Carrier Services | C.H. Robinson (33)

Carrier Testimonial: Arbie

Like Arbie, many owner-operators are looking to expand. C.H. Robinson can help get you there. Hear how Arbie gets more done with Navisphere carrier on his phone and tablet. With recommended loads, he experiences less deadhead and gets to his next destination quickly.

Carrier Services | C.H. Robinson (34)

What people are saying


“We started our company in 2012 and have been working with C.H. Robinson ever since. The ease of doing business with our rep and his team have made C.H. Robinson our #1 3PL relationship. The Navisphere Carrier website and app help our business run more efficiently, whether it is updating loads, setting up preferred lanes, or even booking instantly. Finally, the amount of loads available at C.H. Robinson helps us optimize the repositioning of our equipment, eliminating dead miles while keeping our drivers on the road! Thank you C.H. Robinson.”


Co-Owner, G V G Express, Inc.

Access the most freight options across North America

With freight from 105,000 shippers, we offer more options to find and book the loads you want to haul.

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Carrier Services | C.H. Robinson (36)

Carrier Services | C.H. Robinson (37)

Carrier Services | C.H. Robinson (38)

Carrier Services | C.H. Robinson (39)

Carrier Services | C.H. Robinson (40)

Answer your questions about being a C.H. Robinson contract carrier

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* Cash advances are available on picked up loads in Navisphere Carrier to users with accounts receivable access after hauling your first load with C.H. Robinson. A transaction fee will be charged for each advance.

Carrier Services | C.H. Robinson (2024)


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