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Count on C.H. Robinson to get you the loads you want, with quick payment and unbeatable service at every turn.

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More loads than any provider in North America

Our load board is designed to make your life easier. With thousands of new loads available every day, you can easily find and book the loads you want in the lanes you like. Spend less time searching or booking and more time making money with our load board.

  • Over 100,000 customers trust C.H. Robinson to haul their freight
  • Nearly 100,000 carriers have chosen to work with C.H. Robinson
  • Nearly 300,000 total loads available for carriers to book

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Become a C.H. Robinson contract carrier

Step 1: Fill out this form to provide initial details about your business.

You’re one step closer to hitting the road

Step 2:Click the link below and fill out the remaining registration information in order to become an approved contact carrier. This next step requires the following:

  • MC/MX# or DOT#
  • W-9
  • Certificate of insurance

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Why haul with C.H. Robinson?

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Book the most loads

Instantly get the loads you want in the lanes you like, so you can stay on the road and in control of your future. Our free online load board is the perfect solution for carriers looking to access the most loads and book them instantly.

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Expect unbeatable service

Enjoy carrier-first technology that makes your job easier. Plus, our expert team of professionals are always ready to resolve any challenges you face quickly and effectively.

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Get paid quickly

Getting paid quickly is crucial for your business. That’s why we offer fast, reliable payments to help improve your cash flow and grow your business. Plus, grow your business with our easy-to-use load board.

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Exclusive freight, just for you

Don’t miss out on exclusive loads and early access to new loads that become available every day. Sign up to haul in minutes and find freight that matches your equipment to maximize your earnings.

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"C.H. Robinson has the loads to help me expand my business. My goal was to get to 5-10 trucks and working with [them] helped me get there. Wherever you want go, they have something for you. I use Navisphere® Carrier on my phone and on my tablet. Having recommended loads helps me dead head less and get to another destination quickly. Plus, you can search and book instantly. I can just press the button and I know my rate and where I'm going. We get paid quickly. The rates are fair. When I have a problem I can call them up and we get the problem solved. ”

Arbie Pruitt, Scientific Direct Logistics

Already a carrier?

Login to Navisphere® Carrier and find the loads you like. Get started today.

Carrier Sign Up | C.H. Robinson (2024)


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