Carrier tracking options | C.H. Robinson (2024)

Carrier tracking options | C.H. Robinson (1)

Easily connect your tracking device to improve your Carrier Advantage Program status and access the most freight among all providers in North America.

    Connect or Change My ELD/GPS Provider

    Click on your provider below to connect

    Q: GeoTab

    From your Geotab portal, generate integration view only credentials.

    1. Click Administration > Users > Add
    2. For the Username, enter: CHR@”databasename”
      1. After the “@” please enter your unique database name which is found on the top right of the portal
        1. Example: CHR@abc_company
        2. You don’t need “.com” at the end
      2. First name: CH
      3. Last name: Robinson
    3. Force password change on next login: No
      1. Confirm Password: EdenPrairie123
      2. Security Clearance: View Only
    4. Click “Save” to finish the setup of your new integration profile

    After the username and password is created, please email them and your T# or DOT# to [emailprotected]. Once received, C.H. Robinson will finalize the connection.  Please email [emailprotected] if you have any questions.

    Q: Omnitracs

    Instructions (you may skip steps 1 & 2 if you have a VLV account with Omnitracs):

    1. Your company admin must sign in to review the VLV terms of service:
      U.S. Customers VLV Form
      Canadian Customers VLV Form
    2. Accept the VLV terms of use
    3. After acceptance, you will be shown a confirmation page; click ‘Done’. Within one business day, you will receive an email with a link to the VLV portal along with a username and password. You will now have to log in to the portal and choose the partners you want to share data with:
      1. Log in to the VLV portal with your newly provided credentials:
      2. You will be given access to a screen that allows you to authorize CH Robinson access. Find ‘CH Robinson’ in the permissions list and change ‘Add My Fleet to Active VLV Carrier List’ to ‘Yes’ and set ‘Authorize Customer to Track My Fleet’ to ‘On’.
      Carrier tracking options | C.H. Robinson (2)
    4. Once you’ve authorized ‘CH Robinson’, we’ll receive an email with you in copy letting us know that we can now receive load tracking on loads hauled with CH Robinson

    Q: PeopleNet

    Next steps:

    1. Sign the PeopleNet Data Share Agreement: Found Here
    2. Attach the signed agreement here and fill out the questionnaire:
    3. Click “Submit” at the bottom once the agreement is attached and the questionnaire is filled out

    After submitting the required info, PeopleNet will process and enable the integration within a few days and notify C.H. Robinson afterwards. Please email  [emailprotected][emailprotected] if you have any questions.

    Q: Samsara

    1. Connect with Samsara
    2. Carrier tracking options | C.H. Robinson (3)

    3. Please select "Entire Organization" and generate an API token
    4. Carrier tracking options | C.H. Robinson (4)

    5. Copy the API token you generated
    6. Carrier tracking options | C.H. Robinson (5)

    7. Finally, e-mail [emailprotected] with subject line of "Samsara API Token Onboarding". In the body of the e-mail paste only the API Token you copied in the previous step and hit send. Your integration is now completed!
    8. Carrier tracking options | C.H. Robinson (6)

    Q: Verizon

    Connect withVerizon

    Q: Other ELD/GPS Providers

    CH Robinson can connect with 150+ additional ELD/GPS providers via our visibility partner, Macropoint. Click here to begin

    Navisphere Carrier Mobile App

    Mit der Navisphere Carrier App erledigen Sie alles, was Ihr Unternehmen braucht, während Sie unterwegs sind. Mit einer App für die Tools, die Ihnen wichtig sind, ist es einfach zu wissen, was Sie als nächstes tun müssen:

    • Buchen Sie sofort die von Ihnen gewünschten Ladungen
    • Weisen Sie Fahrer zu und sehen Sie den Status in Echtzeit
    • Machen Sie Statusaktualisierungen mit integrierter Automatisierung
    • Bearbeiten Sie Zahlungen schneller, indem Sie Dokumente hochladen und freigeben.

    Carrier tracking options | C.H. Robinson (7)

    Carrier tracking options | C.H. Robinson (8)

    Schalten Sie weitere Möglichkeiten innerhalb Ihrer TMS frei

    Carrier tracking options | C.H. Robinson (9)

    Wenden Sie weniger Zeit auf, um eine Fracht zu finden und mehr Zeit Geld zu verdienen. Genießen Sie ein stressfreies digitales Erlebnis – keine Anrufe oder E-Mails erforderlich.

    Nutzen Sie die kostenlose API-Konnektivität (Application Programming Interface), um Fracht von C. H. Robinson-direkt in Ihrem eigenen TMS zu finden, zu buchen und automatisch zu erstellen. Sie können auch sichtbare benutzerdefinierte Updates senden und Dokumente über die gesamte Sendungsdauer der Fracht hochladen.

    Erhalten Sie Ihre Frachten in Ihrem TMS mit der API Konnektivität

    Erstellen Sie eine problemlose digitale Erfahrung mit einer anpassbaren, kostenlosen Programm-Anwendungs-Benutzeroberfläche (API) - Verbindung. Es ist einfach, Frachten zu finden, zu buchen und automatisch zu erstellen, wo Sie bereits geschäftlich tätig sind—Ein Anruf oder eine E-Mail ist nicht notwendig.

    Mit API verbinden

    Questions about our Carrier Advantage Program

    Get help with issues pertaining to your status or load scores.

    Carrier Advantage Program

    Questions about getting your tracking set up

    Get help setting up your ELD or GPS.

    Learn more

    Tracking and data privacy

    We’re strongly committed to helping carriers keep clear control of their own data. We only track information specific to each load so that shippers can have a clear understanding of where their goods are. Once a load is marked as delivered, tracking stops immediately. Here’s a quick and easy guide to data transparency.

    Tracking and data privacy guide

    Carrier tracking options | C.H. Robinson (2024)


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