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A well-planned courtyard design makes the difference from drab to fab. Here’s all you need to know.

With rapid urbanisation, apartment culture has taken the forefront for most people who want to live close to all the conveniences and amenities a city has to offer. However, lucky are those people who have an indoor or outdoor courtyard adjoining their homes. Because, a small balcony can’t always give the same amount of peace and tranquillity that a courtyard design full of trees, the warmth of sunshine and the chirping of birds can provide.

So, if you have an indoor or outdoor courtyard, don’t neglect it. Adore it, pamper it and make full use of it to get intimate with nature. And if you’re planning to build one, here are five unique courtyard design ideas for your abode.

Small Interior Courtyard Design For Urban Homes

The open skylight in this incredible interior courtyard design gives it an outdoor feel. This is a modern rendition of an urbanised French courtyard. It includes all of the critical elements of a French courtyard design such as order and symmetry, neatly defined spaces, a cool colour palette and natural elements like stone and wood.

Gravel-filled flooring detail, large planters and well-manicured trees give this courtyard design a clean and chic look. Whereas the U-shaped sitting and coffee table make the perfect space for hosting guests or simply chilling. Be it a brunch on a bright day or a co*cktail party under the twinkling stars, this modern courtyard design is practical, easy to implement and gorgeous to behold.

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An Open Courtyard Design Inside A Scandinavian-Style Home

The courtyard is an integral part of your home. When designed appropriately, it not only amps up the allure of your home interiors but can also become a great functional space. This Scandinavian-style home features clean and simple lines, a minimalist layout and soft-hued furniture that serves functionality without sacrificing beauty.

We brought the outdoor indoors in this home with an oversized wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling sliding glass door. The small yet intimate courtyard design effortlessly divides the home’s different areas like the living room, kitchen and bedroom through a round-about outdoor lounge space. The highlight of this courtyard lounge is the raw cut wooden table and barbecue setup.

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Courtyard Wall Design With Tiles

The first two elements that come to mind when one thinks of courtyard designs are grassland and stoned tiles. But what if we tell you your courtyard will also love ceramic wall tiles. Sounds interesting? Then you will like this courtyard design idea.

The courtyard gives a fun vintage vibe with its vibrant sea green-coloured ceramic wall tiles. The ’80s-style wall sconces serve both aesthetic and functional purposes. Complete the outdoor look with some potted plants and cane furniture. You could also add a modular bar cabinet. Relax in your personal oasis and let the day’s stress fade away as you host a dinner party or chill with your favourite book on the swing set.

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A Rooftop Courtyard Pergola Design

A pergola is a distinctive outdoor garden feature that creates a shaded area for sitting. They offer a stunning space to grow vines as well. The best part is you can plan a courtyard design like this even on a rooftop.

For instance, on this apartment building’s terrace, we created an excellent courtyard, complete with a pergola made of wooden rafters. The pergola covered with beautiful vines offers shade from the scorching sun and elevates the aesthetics of the courtyard design. Sit, relax and sip a fruity co*cktail with your friends and family on the benches under the shade the pergola offers.

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A Traditional Indian Courtyard Design To Reconnect With Your Roots

The indoor courtyard plays a vital role in traditional Indian homes. These courtyards weave many tales from the past. They were used for social gatherings and as a place for relaxation or even worship.

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This interior courtyard design is in a beautiful single-storey Chettinad-style home with a traditional tulsi mancha in the centre. Traditional Indian courtyard designs are incomplete without a wooden swing. So, we installed a sleek wooden swing with brass chains for a plush look. We also created a designated seating area with vintage-style wooden chairs for comfortable tea-time chats.
These are some of the most trending courtyard design ideas from Design Cafe that match different needs, lifestyles and preferences. We hope these ideas inspire you to plan your courtyard landscape and design a beautiful courtyard for your home. If you have any queries, our expert designers will give you your desired answers. Click here to contact us. Also, if you are in search of more home interior design ideas, check out our blog section today!

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Courtyard Design Ideas You Will Want To Recreate Now | DesignCafe (2024)


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