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Are you curious to know how many grams of sugar are in a teaspoon? This post will give you insights into every detail, from grams of sugar to teaspoons. Next time you have sugar, be careful while consuming sugar or sugary foods with lots of calories based on their quantity.

It can be unclear to understand sugar conversions as there are many types of sugar, and they all have different quantities depending on the kind of sugar we use. The amount varies due to various factors; one factor is the sugar's density.

Therefore, this post will give you a clear idea of how many teaspoons of each kind of sugar are in grams and how many grams it has in different teaspoons.

We always consume sugar or add sugar to recipes while cooking by measuring it in terms of a teaspoon.

It is necessary to know them in grams as this is how recipes mention the sugar quantity in recipe instructions, mainly in baking.

Sometimes, we prefer to know them by teaspoons as it becomes easy to add sugar, especially when it has to be used in small amounts, such as a teaspoon or two teaspoons.

In the culinary world, understanding sugar in grams and teaspoons is reasonably necessary as that is how the cooking process goes through in terms of adding ingredients.

Let's dive into their conversions concerning various sugar types and clearly understand their quantities.


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What is a teaspoon?

A teaspoon is a unit to measure the volume and is a small spoon every household uses to stir up different beverages we consume.

It is a US customary unit to measure the weight and volume of ingredients such as salt, sugar, volume etc.

While eating soft foods, a spoon is used and also, while cooking, a spoon is used to add ingredients. To denote a teaspoon, we use various abbreviations that are standard such as t or teaspoon or tsp.

A teaspoon of sugar equals one-third (⅓) of a tablespoon of sugar and is smaller in quantity than a tablespoon.

Why do we need knowledge of teaspoons and grams of sugar?

We are all familiar with the quantity and amount a teaspoon holds, which is easy to understand.

When we go buy the grocery, we buy sugar, and when you check the labellings, the nutrition mentions the sugar serving size in teaspoons, grams or cups, depending on the type of sugar.

It can be challenging to convert how many grams a teaspoon of sugar contains, which is where this post comes to use.

Consuming sugar or sugar foods keeping the teaspoons or grams in mind can keep us aware of their calories and this, in turn, helps keep the blood sugar levels in check without skyrocketing.

They also help us improve our cooking when making desserts or baking recipes.

Should we measure sugar by weight or volume?

This is a common question that pops up all the time, and the answer is to measure it by weight is a good choice when using sugar ingredients for baking purposes.

Measuring it in terms of volume (such as cups or tablespoons) can give inaccurate results; therefore, going by its weight is a perfect decision rather than its volume.

Use a food scale while making desserts or baking to get the correct weight quantity, get the right sweet balance, and not overdo the sweet taste or make it less sweet.

Perfect sugar balance can change the complete feel of the dish. So take your weighing scales and in the case of the absence of a scale, use this post for general information on sugar usage.

What is a gram?

A gram is a metric system unit to measure the weight and uses abbreviation as 'g' or 'gm' or 'gms' to denote it.

Grams are units for weighing small objects' mass, whereas kilograms are units for considering larger objects' mass.

Sugar is weighed using grams in food packages or sugar-related food products.


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What is the difference between a teaspoon and a gram of sugar ingredient?

Sugar in terms of grams and teaspoons is easy to calculate by knowing how much a teaspoon of sugar has. Check out the comparison below.

To be precise, 1 US teaspoon = 4.2 grams of sugar.

4.2 is the standard measure for the weight of one teaspoon of sugar, but if we look at the sugar packages and their nutrition labels, the number 4.2 is rounded to 4 to make it easy to understand and help conversions quickly.

If we round off the number 4.2, we can say that 1 teaspoon sugar equals 4 grams.

1 teaspoon sugar = 4 g (round off 4.2 g to get 4)

However, this can vary depending on the spoons we use and is a standard weight for a level teaspoon.

If a heaped teaspoon is used, the weight in grams can vary; generally, 1 heaped teaspoon of sugar = 7.5 grams.

Again, the grams vary for different types of sugar, but for regular white sugar used daily, it is approximately 4 g for one teaspoon as per the nutrition mentioned on the labels to avoid confusion.

Types of sugar and their weights

Different types of sugar, such as granulated sugar, brown sugar, powdered sugar/confectioner's sugar, icing sugar, cane sugar, coconut sugar etc., are pure and have high sugar content.

The weights of each of these sugars vary depending on their densities. Not all the sugar has the same weight but varies slightly.

Other sweeteners that are not exactly sugar but are sweet are maple syrup and honey.

Check out how much each teaspoon contains sugar in grams below FOR A U.S TEASPOON.

Converting teaspoons of sugar to grams

1 US teaspoon granulated sugar or regular white sugar= 4.1649 g

1 US teaspoon brown sugar = 4.5839 g

1 US teaspoon powdered sugar = 2.33 g

1 US teaspoon confectioner's sugar (Confectioner sugar is the refined powdered sugar) = 2.6665 g or 2.67 g

1 US teaspoon raw sugar = 5.2083 g

These values can vary concerning their decimals and are approximate measures for a teaspoon of different sugars.

Converting grams of sugar to teaspoons

1 gram of granulated sugar = 0.24 teaspoon (~ ¼ US tsp)

1 gram of brown sugar = 0.375 teaspoon (~ ⅓ US tsp)

1 gram of powdered sugar = 0.429 (~½ tsp)

1 gram of confectioner’s sugar = 0.218 teaspoon (~ ¼ US tsp)

Date table to convert Teaspoons of sugar to Grams

For Granulated Sugar:

1 teaspoon of granulated sugar = 4.16 g

To convert granulated sugar from teaspoon to grams formula will be (grams = tsp* 4.16 g)

For ½ tsp, it is ½ teaspoon * 4.16 g = 2.08 g

For 1 ¼ teaspoon multiplying it by 4.16, we get,

1 ¼ teaspoon * 4.16 g = 5.21 g

For Brown sugar:

1 teaspoon of brown sugar = 4.58 g

To convert brown sugar from teaspoon to grams formula will be (grams = tsp* 4.58 g)

Let's see for ¾ teaspoon in grams

¾ teaspoon * 4.58 g= 3.44 g by rounding off

Similarly, 2 teaspoon in grams will be

2 teaspoon * 4.58 g = 9.16 g

For Powdered sugar:

1 teaspoon powdered sugar = 2.33 g

To convert powdered sugar from teaspoon to grams formula will be (grams = teaspoon value * 2.33 g)

For 1 ½ tsp, multiply the value by 2.33, and we get,

1 ½ teaspoon * 2.33 g= 3.495 g and rounding off value to 3.5 g approximately

For 3 teaspoon it is 3 teaspoon * 2.33 g = 6.99 g

For confectioner's sugar:

1 teaspoon of confectioner's sugar = 2.67 g

To convert confectioner's sugar from teaspoon to grams formula is (grams = teaspoon value * 2.67 g)

So, for example, 1 ¾ teaspoon will be,

1 ¾ teaspoon * 2.67 g = 4.6725 g or 4.7 g approx….

Check out the table with values below for various sugar types that covert from teaspoon to grams

Table for sugar to convert teaspoons of sugar to grams

US tspGranulated sugar (g)Brown Sugar (g)Powdered sugar (g)Confectioners sugar (g)
1 tsp4.16 g4.58 g2.33 g2.67 g
¼ tsp1.04 g1.15 g0.583 g0.667 g
⅓ tsp1.39 g1.53 g0.777 g0.88 g
½ tsp2.08 g2.29 g1.17 g1.33 g
¾ tsp3.12 g3.44 g1.75 g2 g
1 ¼ tsp5.21 g5.73 g2.91 g3.33 g
1 ½ tsp6.25 g6.88 g3.5 g4 g
1 ¾ tsp7.29 g8.02 g4.08 g4.67 g
2 tsp8.33 g9.17 g4.66 g5.33 g
2 ¼ tsp9.37 g10.3 g5.25 g6 g
2 ½ tsp10.4 g11.5 g5.83 g6.67 g
2 ¾ tsp11.5 g12.6 g6.41 g7.33 g
3 tsp12.5 g13.8 g6.99 g8 g
3 ¼ tsp13.5 g14.9 g7.58 g8.67 g
3 ½ tsp14.6 g16 g8.16 g9.33 g
3 ¾ tsp15.6 g17.2 g8.74 g10 g
4 tsp17.1 g18.3 g9.33 g10.7 g
4 ¼ tsp17.7 g19.5 g9.91 g11.3 g
4 ½ tsp18.7 g20.6 g10.5 g12 g
4 ¾ tsp19.8 g21.8 g11.1 g12.7 g
5 tsp20.8 g22.9 g11.7 g13.3 g
6 tsp25.4 g27.5 g14 g16 g
7 tsp29.2 g32.1 g16.3 g18.7 g
8 tsp33.3 g36.7 g18.7 g21.3 g
10 tsp41.6 g45.8 g23.3 g26.7 g

Data table to convert grams of sugar to teaspoons

For granulated sugar:

1 gram of granulated sugar = 0.24 teaspoon i.e, ¼ tsp

The formula to convert grams of granulated sugar to teaspoons will be ( teaspoon = gram value * 0.24 teaspoon )

Let us see the results for different grams below

1.5 g of granulated sugar in teaspoon will be,

1.5 g * 0.24 teaspoon = 0.36 teaspoon i.e, ⅜ tsp

Similarly, for 2 g it will be 2 g * 0.24 tsp= 0.48 teaspoon i.e, ½ tsp


2 g *¼ teaspoon = ½ tsp

Let us see the resulting teaspoon value for other sugar types,

For brown sugar:

1 gram brown sugar = 0.218 teaspoon or ¼ tsp

Formula to convert grams of brown sugar to teaspoons will be

tsp = g * 0.218 teaspoon or ¼ tsp

Let us see the results for other gram values such as,

For 2 g into teaspoon it is, 2 g* 0.218 tsp= 0.436 teaspoon or ½ tsp

For 3.5 g into teaspoon it is 3.5 g * 0.218 teaspoon = 0.763 teaspoon (¾ tsp)

For powdered sugar:

1 g powdered sugar = 0.429 teaspoon or ½ tsp

Formula to convert grams of powdered sugar to teaspoons will be

Tsp = g * 0.429 tsp

Converting 3 g into teaspoon by using the formula will be

3 * 0.429 teaspoon = 1.29 teaspoon or 1 ¼ tsp

For confectioner's sugar:

1 g= 0.375 teaspoon or ⅜ tsp

Formula to convert grams of confectioner's sugar to teaspoons will be

Tsp = g* 0.375 tsp

For example, for 2 g, it will be

2 * 0.375 teaspoon = 0.75 teaspoon or ¾ tsp

Data table for sugar from grams to teaspoons

Grams (g)Granulated Sugar (US tsp)Brown Sugar(US tsp)Powdered Sugar (US tsp)Confectioner's Sugar (US tsp)
1 g0.24 (¼ tsp)0.218 (¼ tsp)0.429 (½ tsp)0.375 (⅜ tsp)
1.5 g0.36 (⅜ tsp)0.327 (⅜ tsp)0.645(⅝ tsp)0.563(⅜ tsp)
2 g0.48 ( ½ tsp)0.436 (½ tsp)0.858 (⅞ tsp)0.75 (¾ tsp)
2.5 g0.6 ( ⅝ tsp)0.545 (½ tsp)1.07 (⅛ tsp)0.938 (1 tsp)
3 g0.72 ( ¾ tsp)0.654 (⅝ tsp)1.29 (1 ¼ tsp)1.13 (1 ⅛ tsp)
3.5 g0.84 (⅞ tsp)0.764 (¾ tsp)1.5 (1 ½ tsp)1.31 (1 ⅜ tsp)
4 g0.96 (1 tsp)0.873(⅞ tsp)1.72 (1 ¾ tsp)1.5 (1 ½ tsp)
4.5 g1.08 (1 ⅛ tsp)0.982 (1 tsp)1.93 (1 ⅞ tsp)1.69 (1 ¾ tsp)
5 g1.2 (1 ¼ tsp)1.09 (1 ⅛ tsp)2.14 (2 ⅛ tsp)1.88 (1 ⅞ tsp)
5.5 g1.32 (1 ⅜ tsp)1.2 (1 ¼ tsp)2.36(2 ⅜ tsp)2.06 (2 ⅛ tsp)
6 g1.44 (1 ½ tsp)1.31 (1 ¼ tsp)2.57 (2 ⅝ tsp)2.25 (2 ¼ tsp)
10 g2.4 (2 ⅓ tsp)2.18 (2 ⅛ tsp)4.29 (4 ¼ tsp)3.75 (3 ¾ tsp)
15 g3.6 (3 ⅝ tsp)3.27 (3 ¼ tsp)6.43 (6 ⅜ tsp)5.63(5 ⅝ tsp)
20 g4.8 (4 ¾ tsp)4.36 (4 ⅜ tsp)8.58(8 ⅝ tsp)7.5(7 ½ tsp)
25 g6 tsp5.45 (5 ½ tsp)10.7 (10 ¾ tsp)19.38(9 ⅜ tsp)
30 g7.2 (7 ¼ tsp)6.54 (6 ½ tsp)12.9 (12 ⅞ tsp)11.3(11 ¼ tsp)
35 g8.4 (8 ⅓ tsp)7.64 (7 ⅝ tsp)15 tsp13.1(13 ⅛ tsp)
40 g9.6 (9 ⅔ tsp)8.94 (9 tsp)17.2 (17 ⅛ tsp)15 tsp
45 g10.8 (10 ¾ tsp)9.82 (9 ⅞ tsp)19.3 (19 1 /4 tsp)16.9(16 ⅞ tsp)
50 g12 tsp10.9 (10 ⅞ tsp)21.4(21 ½ tsp)18.8(18 ¾ tsp)
100 g24 tsp21.8 (21 ⅞ tsp)42.9 (42 ⅞ tsp)37.5(37 ½ tsp)

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is 5 g of sugar in a teaspoon?

For regular sugar or granulated sugar, it is 1 ¼ tsp.

How many grams of sugar are in a tablespoon?

It contains 12.5 g of sugar in 1 tbsp.

How many grams of sugar are in a teaspoon of honey?

1 teaspoon honey = 7.08 grams
1 teaspoon raw honey = 6.65 grams

How many grams of sugar are in a teaspoon of maple syrup?

1 teaspoon maple syrup = 4.98 grams

how many teaspoons of sugar are in a can of coke?

A 330 ml can of Coke contains around 8.5 to 9 teaspoon of sugar, about 35 g of sugar.


I hope this article describes very clearly sugar consumption in quantity. Next time before buying sugar products, it is better to check the nutrition label and find sugar in terms of grams; it gives a clear idea about its weight.

Also, 1 teaspoon sugar = 4.2 grams, equal to 16.3 calories.

Therefore, next time while observing the sugar quantities, consider how many calories the sugar gives us, especially while consuming beverages such as coke.

For a healthy lifestyle, avoid foods high in sugars by checking their labels for sugar. Try to consume sugars that are natural such as honey or fruits.

Leave us any queries or feedback on conversions in the comment box below, and we will get back to you with the answers.

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