Jason Kelce Missouri Cattle Farm (2024)

1. Meet Jason Kelce, summer student at a grazing farm, and perhaps a ...

  • Sep 13, 2023 · Jason Kelce with Missouri cattle rancher Greg Judy. Kelce attended Judy's grazing school, at Green Pastures Farm, in May 2022.Read more ...

  • The Prime Video documentary on the Eagles star, which premiered on Tuesday, revealed Kelce's interest in ranch farming.

2. Philadelphia Eagles' Jason Kelce Planning For Smooth Transition ...

  • May 2, 2022 · ... cattle and beef industry after recently purchasing 11 cows in Missouri. He also furthered his love and interest in trucks by investing in ...

  • The 34-year-old center who recently signed a one-year, $14 million deal with the Philadelphia Eagles that makes him the highest-paid center in the NFL is also focused on furthering his business acumen and interests off the field knowing retirement is around the corner.

3. Eagles' Jason Kelce and his brother, Chiefs' Travis Kelce, find podcast ...

  • Oct 6, 2022 · Travis kidded Jason about the cattle farm Jason bought in Missouri -- something that Travis, who plays in Missouri, indicated he would not ever ...

  • The brothers Kelce thought up their podcast as a way to keep in touch every week during the NFL season. But it has become much more than that.

4. Who Is Jason Kelce's Wife? Get to Know Kylie McDevitt

  • Sep 12, 2023 · ... farming (he recently bought 11 cows in Missouri) and real estate. Jason and Kylie are involved in Jason's nonprofit, (Be)Philly, which ...

  • We can't get over what he wrote on his dating profile ... 😬😬😬

5. 8 can't-miss moments of the Jason Kelce documentary - Yahoo

6. From "Cowce" to "Moolata," the cows at this Chester County farm ... - FOX43

  • Feb 7, 2023 · The Kurtzes named one calf "Cowce" to honor Eagles center Jason Kelce, who will be on the opposite sideline from his brother, Kansas City Chiefs ...

  • The Kurtz family, which owns and operates Kurtland Farms at the Chester-Berks County border, even has Eagles-themed winter jackets for their newborn cows.

7. WATCH: Travis doesn't want to hear about Jason's intense summer

  • Sep 10, 2022 · Travis and Jason released a new clip from their New Heights podcast and it's a doozy. Apparently Jason bought cows in Missouri and spent ...

  • Travis and Jason released a new clip from their New Heights podcast and it’s a doozy. Apparently Jason bought cows in Missouri and spent time branding them and… well, you’ll just have to listen! Travis doesn’t want to hear about Jason’s intense summer ICYMI: Dick Vermeil Interview

8. Documentary follows NFL bros Jason and Travis Kelce on Super Bowl run

  • Sep 13, 2023 · We see them working on Jason's cattle farm in Missouri — what? — where Travis teases him about being the “best farmer from Philadelphia.

  • No way anyone involved with the film knew that the Eagles would make their way to the Super Bowl, and Jason would have to battle his charismatic brother, Travis.

9. Jason Kelce's Net Worth 2024 - NFL - Sportskeeda

  • Jason Kelce Net Worth Jason Kelce at Browns v Eagles Game ... Kelce may also like the cattle farming industry since he recently purchased 11 cows in Missouri.

  • As of 2024, Jason Kelce's net worth is around $40 million. Get more information on Jason Kelce's net worth, salary, endorsem*nts, house, cars and much more on Sportskeeda.

10. Cam Jurgens is willing to learn as Jason Kelce's understudy

  • Apr 29, 2022 · It's when Kelce mentioned he had just bought some cows, and Jurgens mentioned he grew up on a cattle farm. They spoke ranching and football ...

  • Hear from Philadelphia’s second-round pick in the 2022 NFL Draft.

11. NFL Draft 2022: Eagles' Jason Kelce heartily endorses Cam Jurgens, his ...

  • Apr 30, 2022 · Kelce owns some farmland and 11 cattle in Missouri, says he wants to ... cattle farm. Is spending another second-round pick on a Kelce ...

  • Howie Roseman's second-round decision to draft center Cam Jurgens was not as big a hit with fans as Roseman's first-round moves, but Roseman certainly had Jason Kelce's OK.

12. 'Cool' memories highlight Eagles military appreciation day

  • Aug 3, 2023 · You see, Kelce owns 11 cows and went to visit them this summer at a cattle farm in Missouri. ... Jason Kelce (62) looks on during the game ...

  • Jason Kelce was going down the line after Sunday's practice, posing for selfies with Eagles fans and signing any kind of memorabilia tossed at him. The

13. Cam Jurgens' cattle farm and athletic beginnings in Nebraska prepared ...

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  • Stacking hay bales and excelling in multiple sports and positions on the football field helped Jurgens grow into an NFL player. Playing offensive guard is the latest challenge.

14. HOLY COW: Rogue farm animal interrupts church's Vacation Bible ...

  • Jun 20, 2023 · Missouri Tigers · ...

  • Crews eventually arrived and tried to wrangle the cow with an animal control officer seen on video with a lasso.

15. Jessie Tribble (@JessMysta) / X

  • Jason Kelce · @JasonKelce. ·. Oct 1. I also have a superstar in my corner ... Missouri Dept. of Ag · @MoAgriculture. ·. Oct 5, 2020. Replying to. @MoAgriculture.

  • Something went wrong, but don’t fret — let’s give it another shot.

16. Wilton farm prides itself on Black Angus Beef - KX News

  • Feb 13, 2023 · According to the National Agricultural Statistics Service, as of January 1, 2023, all cattle and calves in North Dakota totaled 1.75 million ...

  • Previously, the family raised and sold the cows at the Kist Livestock Auction. And by now selling retail directly to customers, the Pearsons are participating in the farm-to-table movement.

Jason Kelce Missouri Cattle Farm (2024)


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