Meet Jason Kelce, summer student at a grazing farm, and perhaps a future rancher (2024)

Nagging postgame injuries, childhood memories, thoughts of retirement, and those fiery “Go Birds” chants: It was all captured in Kelce, a new Prime Video documentary starring Philadelphia Eagle Jason Kelce.

The 102-minute film, which premiered Tuesday, follows the all-pro center before the 2022 NFL season to the months after the Eagles’ historic run to Super Bowl LVII. Outside the grueling demands of the gridiron, and the moments spent with his wife, Kylie Kelce, and their three daughters, the doc shows Kelce exploring a surprising offseason interest.

When his days of hitching the ball to quarterback Jalen Hurts are done (and we hope it’s no time soon), Kelce might put his farmer hat on and spend his free time neutering bulls.

On the first episode of Kelce’s podcast New Heights with brother and fellow NFL star Travis Kelce, he talked about having a particularly “fun” offseason back in 2022. “You asked me what I did this offseason. Have you cut a bull’s nuts off? No, I don’t think you have,” he said.

Near the 24-minute mark of the doc, Kylie Kelce also talks about her husband’s farming endeavors in Missouri. The film then cuts to the six-time pro bowler grabbing a name tag and joining a beginner’s grazing school session led by cattle rancher Greg Judy.

In May 2022, Jason Kelce flew out to Clark, Mo., to meet Judy, who owns and leases 19 farms across the country, for his annual spring grazing school at Green Pastures Farm. Over two days, Kelce learned the fundamentals of sheep and cattle rearing alongside other beginner ranchers.

When he first met Kelce, Judy said his hand disappeared in Kelce’s massive mitts. Despite his physical stature, and growing popularity as a beloved Eagle, Kelce was as “humble” and willing to learn as much as anyone he’s has ever taught, Judy said to The Inquirer.

“Jason really blew me out of the water,” said Judy, a three-time author and popular YouTuber. “He’s just a learner. I think that’s why he’s so successful as far as being a football player. He’s willing to do the work.”

When Judy asked what drew Kelce to regenerative agriculture, which focuses on an eco-friendly, grass-based grazing system, the NFL star told him he wants to enjoy healthier foods and introduce his daughters to farming.

Judy, a die-hard Kansas City Chiefs fan, said it was hard watching his team beat the Eagles last season. “I almost felt like Mama Kelce during the Super Bowl,” he joked.

The connection between Kelce and Judy was made by Ann Demerath, the office manager and secretary at South Poll Grass Cattle Association, which maintains the record and registry of that particular breed of cattle.

As intentional as Kelce is on game day, Demerath said he’s as laser-focused when it comes to regenerative agriculture. And she knew having him meet Judy would set him up for success, and open his and others’ eyes to the possibilities of farming. “[Kelce] doesn’t go into things halfheartedly,” she said. “If he’s going to invest his time, he’s going to give it his all.”

As Kelce continues to learn the ropes of farming, Demerath said his presence can shed more light on the process of regenerative agriculture and clear any misconceptions about the practice.

“Somebody with [Kelce’s] influence to take on regenerative agriculture, and to show people that animal agriculture is here to support and heal the planet, is really important,” she said. “I think it’s super cool that [Kelce] is a part of this, and that he wants good food, and knows where it’s coming from.”

While Kelce is back for another NFL season, Judy looks forward to the day he gets invited to Kelce’s future farm, either in Missouri or near his home in Philadelphia.

“He talked about how he’d like to have me come in to consult on his farm, just to make sure [he’s] got the fencing, the water, and the livestock set up. I’m looking forward to that and seeing how it goes.”

Meet Jason Kelce, summer student at a grazing farm, and perhaps a future rancher (2024)


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