Tennessee Girls Fastpitch Softball Tournaments (2024)

Bruceton, TN Benton County Park - Camden, TNHOTELS ~ 8u $200
May 11, 20248u thru 18u3USSSA"Open" Inaugural Mother's Day Mania$250Tony Patterson731-358-1162

Chattanooga, TNWarner Park - MAPHOTELS ~
June 14-16, 202416u-18u5USSSA"Open" Stars Over TN Summer Showcase$980DC Elite Productions954-662-5055
""14u5USSSA"Open" Stars Over TN Summer Showcase$855""""

Cookeville, TNCane Creek Sports ComplexHOTELS ~ 8u $75
March 16, 20248u thru 14u3USSSA"Open" Swing into Spring$100Deana Phillips615-812-1936
April 20, 20248u thru 14u3USSSA"Open" Cookeville Spring Fling$225""""
May 11-12, 202410u thru 18u7USSSA"Open" Mother's Day Classic$465""""
""8u3USSSA"Open" Mother's Day Classic$200""""
Tennessee Girls Fastpitch Softball Tournaments (1)Tennessee Girls Fastpitch Softball Tournaments (2)Tennessee Girls Fastpitch Softball Tournaments (3)>Tennessee Girls Fastpitch Softball Tournaments (4)
Franklin, TN ~ Tennessee FastpitchFly ParkHOTELS ~
April 27-28, 20248u-10u-12u6TNFP"Open" Fly Park Friendly$455/$225Scott Greer615-948-2888
June 1-2, 202412u thru 18u4TNFP"Open" Mid-South June Showdown$455/$225""""
June 15-16, 202414u-16u-18u4TNFP"Open" GUARANTEED EXPOSURE Showcase$1,195""""
June 28-30, 202412u thru 18u4TNFP"Open" PGF Mid-South Summer Showcase$595""""
July 6-7, 202412u thru 18u4TNFP"Open" Nationals Warm-Up$525""""

Franklin, TNFly ParkHOTELS ~
May 4-5, 202410u thru 18u7USSSA"Open" Franklin Friendly$475Ken Crook615-495-6034
""8u3USSSA"Open" Franklin Friendly$225""""

Gallatin, TNTriple Creek Softball ComplexHOTELS ~
March 9-10, 202410u-12u6USSSA"Open" March Madness$465Deana Phillips615-812-1936
""8u3USSSA"Open" March Madness$225""""

Hendersonville, TN ~ Tennessee FastpitchDrake's Creek ParkHOTELS ~
July 9-13, 202410u thru 18uTBATNFP"Open" Music City World SeriesTBAScott Greer615-948-2888

Hendersonville, TNDrakes Creek ComplexHOTELS ~
March 23-24, 202410u-12u7USSSA"Open" Fly Ball Friendly$475Ken Crook615-495-6034
""8u3USSSA"Open" Fly Ball Friendly$225""""
April 13-14, 202410u-12u-14u7USSSA"Open" Music City Friendly$465""""
""8u3USSSA"Open" Music City Friendly$225""""
April 27-28, 202412u3USSSA"Open" USSSA Futures$375""""
June 15-16, 20248u thru 18u3USSSA"Open/B" TN USSSA STATE CHAMPIONSHIP$285""""
July 1-6, 20248u thru 14u5USSSA"Open/B" SE NT'L CHAMP - MUSIC CITY$695""""
July 15-21, 20249-11-13-16-18u5USSSA"Open/B" SE NT'L CHAMP - MUSIC CITY$695""""

Jasper, TN ~ Tennessee FastpitchJasper City ParkHOTELS ~
June 8-9, 20248u thru 18u4TNFP"Open" Frost/Fury Challenge$395/$149Scott Greer615-948-2888

Milan, TN Milan City ParkHOTELS ~ 8u $200
April 13, 20248u thru 18u3USSSA"Open" Swing Into Spring$250Tony Patterson731-358-1162
April 27, 20248u thru 18u3USSSA"Open" Spring Fling$250""""

Paris, TN McNeil ParkHOTELS ~ 8u $200
March 16, 20248u-10u-12u3USSSA"Open" Shamrock Showdown$250Tony Patterson731-358-1162
May 4, 20248u thru 18u3USSSA"Open" Eiffel Tower Shootout$250""""
May 25, 20248u thru 18u3USSSA"Open" Inaugural Memorial Day Bash$250""""
June 22, 20248u thru 18u3USSSA"Open" Summer Slam$250""""

Union City, TN Graham ParkHOTELS ~ 8u $200
April 20, 20248u thru 18u3USSSA"Open" Angels for Autism$250Tony Patterson731-358-1162
June 15, 20248u thru 18u3USSSA"Open" Fathers Day Bash$250""""

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Tennessee Girls Fastpitch Softball Tournaments (2024)


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