Stardew Valley Nauseated (2024)

1. Putrid Ghost - Stardew Valley Wiki

  • Putrid Ghosts are an enemy found in the Mines after activating the Shrine of Challenge or during the Danger In The Deep quest.

2. I need help with qi thing (spoilers for late game... maybe)

  • More results from

  • I need help with 'danger in the deep' so I was thinking if I position a 2nd split screen player at the bottom and activate it would they stay but nothing changes or would nothing change or would they get kicked out. If that doesn't work what if they were in the elevator selection screen. I was...

3. Stardew Valley: Every Buff And How To Get Them - TheGamer

  • Sep 5, 2021 · Nausea can be cured by eating Ginger or drinking Ginger Ale. Slimed. After being hit by a Slime, your Speed is reduced by four points for two to ...

  • Various buffs can help you immensely, provided you can reliably activate them.

4. Mistbloom Syrup | Ridgeside Village Wiki - Fandom

5. Buffs - Stardew Valley Wiki

  • Apr 2, 2023 · Nauseated.png. Nauseated, Urgh... You're too sick to eat anything. Also applies to drinks. This can be cured by eating Ginger or drinking ...

  • Buffs are temporary boosts or drains on the player's stats and abilities. They can be achieved by consuming various foods and drinks, or from monster attacks.

6. Stardew Valley: How to Activate the Dangerous Mines - Screen Rant

  • Feb 6, 2022 · The Putrid Ghost in Stardew Valley, one formidable enemy in the Dangerous Mines, can inflict players with the Nauseated debuff, preventing ...

  • A Stardew Valley quest unlocks Dangerous Mines.

7. Stardew Valley 1.5 Update Full Changelog

  • Spider (jumps, often found near webs that can trap players and dust sprites);; Putrid Ghost (causes nauseated debuff);; Blue Squid;; Royal Serpent;; Slime Stack ...

  • Compiled by PathosChild (creator of SMAPI), with help from other members of the Stardew Valley community.

8. Ginger Ale - Stardew Valley Wiki

  • Jan 16, 2021 · Notes. Ginger and ginger ale are common remedies for nausea. Though it is not specifically noted in-game, eating Ginger or drinking Ginger Ale ...

  • Ginger Ale is a cooked drink. It is prepared using either the kitchen inside an upgraded farmhouse or a Cookout Kit.

9. r/StardewValley on X: "1.5 for mobile was worth the wait. I love all of it ...

  • Jan 22, 2023 · ... part of the mines. (But I do not love the nausea ghost.). posted by u/gir6. Post url: #StardewValley #Stardew.

  • Something went wrong, but don’t fret — let’s give it another shot.

10. Mountain Mistbloom - Ridgeside Village Wiki - Fandom

  • Helps clear nausea when eaten. Information. Source: Foraging. Found in: The ... Stardew Valley Wiki which included references on the pages). If you wish to ...

  • A mysterious glowing flower that bloom during rainy days in the dense mountain forest. It doesn't emit any kind of smell at all. Helps clear nausea when eaten. The Mountain Mistbloom can be found via foraging in any season during rainy weather. It cannot be grown with seeds. It is also possible to get one a day from the Mistbloom Foxes, or seven by killing a Serperial. Mountain Mistblooms can only be found in the The Ridge Forest. 25 of them are needed to complete the quest mentioned above. It c

11. Ginger - Stardew Valley Wiki

  • Mar 10, 2023 · ... Nauseated debuff. This is hinted at by. Birdie Icon.png. Birdie, the pirate's widow who lives on Ginger Island. History. 1.5: Introduced ...

  • Ginger is a root found growing wild on Ginger Island. It must be harvested with a hoe. It can also be dropped by Tiger Slimes. Harvesting Ginger does not grant any XP.

12. Stardew Valley: All The New Crops & Trees Added in Update 1.5

  • Sep 28, 2023 · This makes Ginger the only “Forage” item that can be pickled. Although it's not ideal for consumption, eating Ginger or drinking Ginger Ale can ...

  • Here’s a list of all the new crops and trees introduced in Version 1.5 of Stardew Valley.

13. I'm Not Yours (ONC Entry - Stardew Valley Fanfic - Reaction - Wattpad

  • This, in turn, made him feel sick, yet he found himself lying there with an arm over his eyes wishing he might remain in the dark not facing his problems. +. " ...

  • Read Reaction from the story I'm Not Yours (ONC Entry - Stardew Valley Fanfic by yemihikari (Yemi Hikari) with 141 reads. sliceoflife, campnanowrimo2020, socia...

14. Motion Sick After Playing Video Games? Try These 5 Expert Tips

  • Jul 6, 2022 · Solare recommends visual novels and puzzle platformers but notes that she “can even feel mild symptoms from games like Stardew Valley ...

  • Call of Duty and other first-person shooters might get your tummy turning, but it'll feel better after you try these expert-approved tips

Stardew Valley Nauseated (2024)


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